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After Hours

After Hours


Extended Hours Walk-In Clinic
Mondays & Thursdays
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Extended Hours

Beginning May 3, 2012, the Rocky Medical Clinic physicians will offer an extended hours walk-in clinic. It will run on Mondays and Thursdays, excluding statutory holidays, from 5:30-8:00pm in the lower level of the Rocky Medical Clinic building.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I still go as a walk-in during daytime hours?

Yes, walk-ins will still be accommodated during the daytime.


2. When do I go to the walk-in clinic vs the hospital ER vs a regular appointment with my doctor?


WALK-IN CLINIC: Walk-in appointments are for same day, non-urgent care. Use this service when you are in need of care for minor illnesses and injuries.


HOSPITAL EMERGENCY DEPARTMENT: Use this service if you are in need of care requiring urgent lab or xrays, fractures or major strains, chest pains, breathing complications, head injuries, lacerations, severe allergic or drug reactions, or any other critical care/life threatening situations.


REGULAR DOCTOR'S APPOINTMENT: Whenever possible, it is best to make a booked appointment with your regular doctor during regular clinic hours. Use booked appointments for routine bloodwork and checkups, chronic conditions, specialist referrals, and any conditions or prescription refills that can wait for an available appointment. This allows you to maintain continuity of care with your primary care physician.


3. Can I get forms filled out at the walk-in clinic?


Yes, forms may be filled out by the physician at the walk-in clinic. However, all forms, including driver's medicals, will have to be picked up and paid for during regular business hours. Payments will not be collected during the walk-in clinic hours.

Financial Inquiries

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Patients are financially responsible for all services not covered by Alberta Health Care Insurance, such as:


  • Private letters/forms/examinations
  • Insurance forms (e.g., Disability)
  • Driver's Medical exams
  • Certain procedures (e.g., removal of benign skin growths, warts)
  • Travel health consultations: $35 per visit. $10 per injection visit.


Please ask the receptionist at the time of booking your appointment about the fee for the requested service.


For your convenience, we accept VISA, Mastercard, debit cards and  cash.








Prescription Renewal

sym 0002Our physicians issue medication prescriptions with the number of refills they feel are safe and reasonable until the next appropriate appointment.


It is your responsibility to schedule an appointment with your doctor before your prescriptions run out. When filling your prescription, remember to check if you have refills remaining. Please consider that it may be several weeks until you can get a suitable appointment with your doctor.








Clinic Test Results

dct 0003You will be contacted by your doctor or the receptionist if your test results require follow-up.

If you wish to check on results from recent tests, please phone and book an appointment with your doctor.

Clinic Information

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Clinic Office Hours


9:00 am-5:00 pm Monday thru Friday

Beginning May 3rd we will be offering an

extended hours walk-in clinic
Mondays and Thursdays
from 5:30-8:00pm

Call: 403.845.2815

Fax: 403.845.2177